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June 20, 2004
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Still noon in the paddy fields
in Kerala, we sank a well
to stem the flow of desert,
but came up smelling of dust.
Watched rice plants wither as the slow sun
silenced resolve in angry glare,
and warm dry gusts scattered
hope to the four corners.

In Palakkad, an empty street, sold
to ten million-dollar-a-day death,
men nurse wounds and children.
The women have gone to find water-
when the supply runs altogether dry,
we may find out how to swallow
the dust.  Or our pride.  Lesson taught,
we shall learn to drink coke.

Still noon in the baking heat
within the walled compound, we
stand around on wounded feet
spreading slurry on the ground.
So here, at least, is water
(to dampen a capital purse)
So here we earn our living -
a litre a day (could be worse).

Outside, the world is barren,
the earth is cracked and bare.
As boreholes tap our reservoirs
at last we’ve learnt to share.
So desert soil is progress,
and bitter stench is joy.
Infected feet dance to the beat
of the jingle writer’s bitter-sweet
irrigation for the soul.
Inspired by this article, and many others like it. Still in progress.
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Daily Deviation

Given 2004-12-31
Landlocked octopus in more home's than a Godzilla movie. More welcome than a dentist. Lasts longer than a city when empty. Coke by *futilitarian ( Suggested by naught101 and Featured by inennui )

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Wakamash Apr 8, 2011   General Artist
Very thought provoking, love it. (:
This was nothing short of wonderful. I loved every bit. That was horrible news; I think you have portrayed it through poetry really well.
(to dampen a capital purse) ah that line just got me!
nearly three years since I first read this poem, and I still remember the shiver up the spine from the first time.

This is, at least for now, the best poem I have ever read.
Wow, thanks for the compliment, although I feel bound to urge you to read better poems :D
I have taken that suggestion somewhat. Bruce Dawe is one of my favourite poets. Also, Kahlil Gibran's poem about children in "The Prophet" is amazing.

Do you have any suggestions? Especially political poetry?
Wow this is powerful. I can't imagine the horror of these people, trusting the helping hand then getting bit. Yikes!
big ups.
i have nothing advanced to say critique-wise. its eitherb een said, or doesn't need to be.

what i can say is this:
beautiful. incredibly.
Darrenx Jan 1, 2005   Writer
read the poem, read the article, reread the poem

nicely done :+fav:


i feel special, you're the first person i've ever watched prior to getting a DD
Will it ruin your mood if I tell you it's my second DD?

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